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Rising seas threaten exodus of ‘biblical’ scale, warns UN chief

The rise in global sea levels endangers nearly 900 million people living in low-lying coastal areas, Antonio Guterres has said

A ‘mass exodus of entire populations on a biblical scale’ could be triggered by Earth’s rising sea levels.

That’s the suggestion from the UN’s Secretary-General, who has warned that countries like Bangladesh, China, India and the Netherlands face the risk of being flooded.

‘Serious impacts’ could also be felt in ‘mega-cities in every continent’, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Shangai, Cairo, Bangkok, Shanghai and Copenhagen.

In a speech to the UN’s security council in New York, Antonio Guterres said the rising sea levels require a “coordinated global response at the highest levels” – he said: “Low-lying communities and the entire countries could disappear forever.

“We would witness a mass exodus of entire populations on a biblical scale. The danger is especially acute for nearly 900 million people who live in coastal zones at low elevations and that’s one out of ten people on Earth.”

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, if the world warms by 2 degrees Celcius then those levels will rise again by 43 centimetres by 2100.

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