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People left shocked after receiving skyrocketing fixed energy tariffs offers

Former Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey has slammed a fixed-price deal of £7,844

Billpayers have been left devastated and shocked after receiving fixed tariff deals offers from their energy suppliers.

Among the people who shared comments about these deals, Feargal Sharkey, former lead singer of The Undertones wrote on Twitter: “My energy company just offered me a fixed price deal of £7,844.96 for 12 months. £7,844.96 for 12 months worth of gas and electricity.

“No, I’m not kidding. I’m still bloody hyperventilating.”

Matthew Osborne, a Senior Nurse in A&E and a Lecturer in Adult Nursing told ELN: “My thoughts are that the government was quite happy to bail out multiple industries during the pandemic, but seems totally fine not meaningfully helping out 15 million citizens that are facing fuel poverty and seem to be actively working to hold down wage rises to meet the cost of living increases.”

Mr Osborne added a fixed tariff might save him money long term, but the offer he received is “double” what he was currently paying and “more than two months’ salary.

Tim Whiteley tells ELN: “We were told at the beginning of the year, that energy costs would increase by 54%. That wasn’t true. My energy bill has already increased by £500, and is set to increase by a further £2600 if I accept the ridiculous fixed tariff from British Gas.

“This would take my annual fixed energy bill from £1700 in 2021 to £4800 for the next year. That is unaffordable, and quite honestly, it feels like extortion.”

Last week, it was reported that some companies, including EDF stopped offering due to the ongoing volatility in the energy market.

Elizabeth Bergelin told ELN: “I was shocked enough last winter when my monthly payment went from £160 up to £250. But this latest offer is terrible. I know prices are going to rise but the fix rate offer is terrifying.

“Is my variable tariff going to go up that much too? It’s so frustrating and sickening. Energy companies and government either don’t care or they are completely useless.”

ELN has approached British Gas for a comment.

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