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Government urged to put a carbon price on all goods and services

The Chancellor has been told to introduce a universal carbon allowance for every individual in the UK

The government has been urged to introduce a carbon price on everything people consume.

Not-for-profit organisation Greener Transport Solutions suggests this measure could fund a universal carbon allowance for every person in the UK.

It notes that those on high incomes would pay more in carbon tax through all the goods and services they buy, whilst receiving the same fixed allowance as those on lower incomes.

Claire Haigh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Greener Transport Solutions, commented: “If we are to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, we must price properly for carbon. This will generate the revenue needed to tackle the cost of living crisis.

“Record high fuel and energy prices are a game-changer.  We urge the Chancellor to seize the opportunity to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, shore up our energy security and accelerate the transition to net zero at the same time.”

ELN has contacted the Treasury for a response.

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