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Eleven-year-old walks 200 miles to ask Boris for a Carbon Tax!

Jude Walker, an 11-year-old boy, spoke to ELN about his epic odyssey to raise awareness around climate change

For Jude Walker, an 11-year-old boy the goal was clear – to walk 200 miles to raise awareness and put pressure on the government for a carbon tax to tackle the climate crisis and air pollution.

On Saturday, the young activist arrived at Downing Street having walked from Yorkshire, to hand in a letter asking Boris Johnson to introduce carbon pricing.

Speaking to ELN Jude said: “When I was there, I felt like a really fitting ending to the walk because Jenny Jones, Green Party politician from the House of Lords used her pass to allow me in to hand a piece of paper calling for the Prime Minister to introduce a carbon tax.

“I just couldn’t quite believe I had actually walked all that way.”

His journey started from his home in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire and after three weeks he arrived at Westminster: “I had really challenging parts every day. But I think the hardest one was a day that was uncomfortable also because it just rained the entire day that day.”

Just a few hours after finishing his mission, the carbon tax petition reached 100,000 signatures, so it can now be debated in Parliament.

Asked about his hopes for COP26 this autumn, Jude said: “I think they (participant countries) should set legally binding targets whether or not they introduce carbon taxes.”

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview.

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