EVs will outnumber diesel cars by 2030

Number of petrol and diesel cars is predicted to see a drop of 16.6 million units by January 2030, new report suggests

Electric vehicles (EVs) will outnumber diesel cars in streets across the UK by 2030.

That’s the prediction from an AA survey of 12,500 drivers.

Their forecast is by the time the ban on new petrol and diesel comes into force, EVs would form a fifth of all cars on the road.

The AA estimates pure combustion vehicles would see a drop of 16.6 million cars by January 2030.

Edmund King, AA President, says; “Over the next nine years, EVs could supercharge the way we drive.

“Everything is working in favour of EVs. The range of a single charge in constantly improving, the purchase and leasing prices are becoming more affordable, more models and styles are reaching the market and investments in chargepoints are being made.

“More should be done to spark the EV revolution, such as scrapping the VAT on EVs costing less than £50,0005 and the construction of numerous gigafactories.”

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