More than 1.4m households eligible for cold weather payment due to Storm Darcy

Eligible households are able to apply for £25 in financial aid

More than 1.4 million households across the country are eligible to receive Cold Weather Payment.

The government’s scheme means eligible households are able to apply for £25 in financial aid when temperatures fall below 0°C for seven consecutive days or more.

According to official figures released today, on the week ending 12th February, there were 42 ‘triggers’ because of the Storm Darcy that brought heavy snow in most parts across Britain.

But what is a ‘trigger’?

If the recorded or forecasted seven-day average temperature is 0°C or below and there are no overlapping periods for which a Cold Weather Payment has already been made, then the event is considered to ‘trigger’ one of the 95 weather stations used by the Met Office to record the temperature.

The report suggests the week ending on 8th January was the second most ‘triggered’ period during this winter recording almost 20 triggers with 454,000 eligible households for Cold Weather Payment.

The £25 allowance for vulnerable households has been triggered 118 times already in 2021, with 2,374,000 payments in the first six weeks on 2021, government data reveals.

That compares to zero payments in the same period in 2020.

Since 2014, the year when the scheme paid out the largest amount of money on Cold Weather Payments was winter 2017-2018 when nearly £114.3 million was allocated to eligible households.

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