EV rapid charge-points increase by 37% in 2020

Official figures show nearly 1,288 more EV charging devices were available in the fourth quarter of 2020

Electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging devices across the UK have grown last year, increasing by 37%.

That’s according to Department for Transport figures, which suggest nearly 1,288 more EV charge-points were installed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The data shows since 2015, the number of public charging devices has grown rapidly, with devices increasing by a quarter in 2020 alone.

As of 4th January, there were 20,775 public EV charging devices available in the UK – of these, 3,880 were rapid chargers.

However, the quarterly report stresses there is an uneven geographical distribution of EV charging infrastructure.

London has the highest level of charging device population per 100,000 citizens, but it is slightly below average in terms of rapid charging devices.

Scotland is above average in total chargers per 100,000 and has the highest level of rapid device provision.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wrote on Twitter: “Making the switch to an EV just got even easier. This is great to see as we level-up the UK’s EV infrastructure network.”

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