4 things most people don’t know about their energy contract

The last 12 months have been turbulent. Many organisations have faced unprecedented uncertainty, with a return to business as usual still out of sight.

The past year of rolling lockdowns – local, regional, and national – has bled into a new year, where we face both economic uncertainty and continued restrictions. Saving money and staying afloat will be the top priorities.

All businesses will have outgoings at a time when income is not guaranteed. Your energy contract is unlikely to be front of mind, but over the course of the pandemic we’ve seen businesses renewing their contracts, rather than shopping around or falling into rollover rates.

Businesses are looking for certainty and stability at a time when it’s been hard to find. Depending on the exact terms of your energy contract, there may still be room for uncertainty.

Increases in Third Party Costs

The total cost of energy comprises lots of various charges. Only around half of the final cost of your bill comes from electricity. The rest comes from third party costs (TPCs).

To find out more about how third-party costs might impact you over the coming year and more here.

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