Package of excrement sent to Centrica’s boss over ‘fire and rehire’ dispute

Chris O’Shea admitted that this ‘fire and rehire’ dispute affects everybody

Centrica’s Chief Executive Officer has revealed he had been posted a package of excrement as a result of the ongoing ‘fire and rehire’ dispute with members of the company’s workforce.

British Gas engineers, who are members of GMB Union, have voted for strike action against the proposed work and payment conditions.

In June, Centrica, Britain’s largest energy supplier and parent company of British Gas announced it planned to cut around 5,000 jobs.

Speaking to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, Chris O’Shea said: “Yesterday, my wife and teenage son had a package of excrement delivered to them with a note about fire and rehire. This is something that affects absolutely everybody.”

He was asked if he had any idea what is like to live with the threat of ‘fire and rehire’, if he knows what this practice is doing to the staff, and in terms of fire and rehire what’s next if he is going to fire and rehire all the workers.

Mr O’Shea replied that there are over 83% of colleagues who have accepted the offer that the company made.

He was also asked to comment on a message coming from a worker of Centrica’s staff who had chest pains for a few weeks now, anxiety, headaches and shortness of breath.

That person took a Covid test because he thought that was the reason. But the worker said it was not, it was anxiety because of the fire and rehire action that the company is taking.

Commenting on the incident, Centrica’s Chief Executive Officer said: “Undoubtedly, what I am asking people to do is difficult. However, my view is that I’d rather do whatever to save 20,000 jobs rather than watch. I know that this puts a lot of pressure on people.”

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