Almost 60% of Brits look at 2021 as a ‘pivotal year’ for building a greener future

Nearly 67% of the public think the planet is in a worse shape than it has ever been and that the world needs to act within the next 12 months, according to a new study

Six-in-ten Brits believe that 2021 will be a pivotal year for building a greener global future.

That is one of the conclusions of new research from Triodos Bank, which suggests nearly 67% think the planet is in worse shape than it has ever been and that the world needs immediate action in the next 12 months if it is going to tackle the climate emergency.

Following the pledge of the President-elect Joe Biden to tackle the climate emergency, six-in-ten believe that the US re-entering the Paris Agreement on climate change will be good for the planet.

Almost half of the people in the UK also think President-elect Biden’s win has made them more hopeful about the future of the planet.

The findings of the survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by Opinium Research, also showed nearly 38% of the public plan to do their bit to live a greener lifestyle in 2021.

Nearly half of the respondents say they know they should be doing more to be environmentally-friendly, while more than a third admit to feeling guilty about their carbon footprint.

Brits intend to recycle more, use fewer single-use plastics and boost their energy-saving efforts in 2021, according to the survey.

Bevis Watts, Chief Executive Officer of Triodos Bank UK, said: It’s brilliant to witness a swell of environmental optimism in the UK, and that millions of people are looking at how they can do their bit to join the global community in taking climate action and protect the environment.”

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