It’s Triad season: What you need to know 2020/21

Triads incentivise heavy commercial and industrial users of electricity to shift their power use to periods of lower demand, by charging a premium for high consumption at certain times.

Every winter, the system operator National Grid ESO retrospectively calculates the Triad periods by analysing the settlement data between November and February. The three half-hour periods that are clearly separated by ten days which see the highest demand for electricity across the UK’s energy network are the Triads.

These periods form the basis of Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) electricity charges for consumers on half-hourly metering. For businesses on flexible (pass-through) contracts, your energy consumption during the Triad periods will determine your TNUoS charges.

Because of this, it’s worth avoiding Triads where possible, as energy use at these times can be costly.

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