US announces $128m for research into sustainable transport

The funding will support bioenergy as well as hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Funding of up to $128 million (£96m) for research and development of sustainable transportation resources and technologies has been announced by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

The investment is being split between three separate funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) – Bioenergy Technologies Office FOA, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies Office FOA and Vehicle Technologies Office FOA..

They include bioenergy feedstock technologies, with a focus on municipal solid waste as well as algae research and development, innovative hydrogen and fuel cell research and development and cost analysis activities and batteries and electrification, advanced engine and fuel technologies.

The investment supports the DOE’s goal of ensuring families in the US have “greater choice” in how their transportation energy needs are met.

Deputy Energy Secretary Mark W. Menezes said: “As the transportation sector and our mobility needs continue to evolve, it is important that we support technological solutions from a variety of energy sources.

“These three funding opportunities are excellent examples of the diversity of resources we have available. The Trump Administration is committed to harnessing the strengths of these technologies to ensure families, goods, and services are moved safely, efficiently and cleanly.”

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