The green revolution’s under way let’s meet again!

Join us on June 9th for a net zero festival and on June 23rd for a consultants’ conference and awards ceremony

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Today I am pleased to announce we will go back to hosting live events next summer.

We had decided this before today’s announcement of Boris Johnson’s ‘Green Industrial Revolution” but what better reason than that, to discuss how we will all start implementing the changes we need to get to net zero.

We will also be holding our TELCA awards online on Dec 11th but will then return to having a live awards next summer, which we will combine with our Consultancy Conference.

I realise coronavirus will still be around next June, we know many of you will still feel unable to come. But for those of you that do, join us in Covid-secure venues where we will bring us all together in person, doing what we all do best.

Meeting and talking to each other face to face. Enjoying content and exhibitions and celebrating success.

We will of course bring as much content as we can online too, for those who are unsure and wish to work from home.

Our events are :

Festival of Net Zero on June 9th.

Combined ELCC and TELCA on June 23rd.

Put those dates in your diary, get in touch if you wish to be involved and join us as we try and get the sector moving again, in a year that will lead to COP26 and I hope, a much better year for us all.

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