Mehmet Olgun

Senior Carbon & Compliance Manager, ENGIE

Mehmet has a wealth of experience in engineering, energy and low carbon consultancy. With over eleven years’ experience within the sustainability sector, he’s helped a range of clients from retail, financial services, construction, manufacturing and educational establishments on their Zero Carbon journey. He has a thorough working knowledge of environmental compliance frameworks and has a proven track record of sales and project management. As an ISO50001 assessor he also has unrivalled experience implementing successful energy management systems for high-profile clients.

Mehmet has considerable experience managing sustainability and compliance projects, having worked for several years for clients looking to improve their efficiency, reduce their energy consumption and waste, and comply with Government mandates. In his most recent roles, Mehmet has managed a team of consultants to deliver audits and sustainability projects covering CRC, ESOS, CCA, MGHGR, EUETS, SECR Water Scarcity, Energy Efficiency, LCA and Carbon Footprint (Scopes 1,2&3) projects for a broad spectrum of clients. His wealth of knowledge and experience managing the end-to-end process of such projects means he is well placed to assist ENGIE’s valued clients deliver against their own energy-saving objectives, and develop a realistic, achievable and ambitious Zero Carbon Roadmap.

If you would like to schedule a free online consultation with Mehmet, contact Kamile Baranauskaite.

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