Chevron unveils plans to produce and market dairy biomethane

The oil giant intends to market renewable natural gas, which will be produced by dairy biomethane projects in the US, as a transportation fuel

The US unit of the oil giant Chevron has partnered with the waste management firm Brightmark to launch a joint venture to market dairy biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG) made up of methane emissions from cattle burps.

Cattle and sheep produce methane as part of their digestive processes – in Australia, direct livestock emissions account for about 70% of greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions by the agricultural sector and 11% of total national GHGs.

The new venture will fund the construction of infrastructure and the commercial operations of dairy biomethane projects in several US states.

Chevron will purchase RNG produced from these projects and market it as a transportation fuel.

Andy Walz, President of Americas Products for Chevron, said: “We are increasing renewables in support of our business, making targeted investments and establishing partnerships as we evaluate emerging sources of energy and the role they will play in our portfolio.”

Bob Powell, CEO and Founder of Brightmark, commented: “Our RNG projects also deliver a true ‘win-win’ in terms of driving sustainable agriculture with significantly less waste and improving economic development in rural communities.”

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