Western Australia to build battery larger than 20 tennis courts to power 160k homes

The 100MW battery is expected to support the uptake of renewables and long-term grid stability

The Government of Western Australia has unveiled plans to build the country’s ‘second-biggest’ battery, which will be larger than 20 tennis courts side-by-side and have the capacity to power 160,000 homes for two hours.

The project, which could be operational by September 2022, will absorb surplus energy in the middle of the day when solar generation is high and will discharge energy during peak times.

An initial AUD$15 million (£8.3m) of funding has been secured for the project, which is designed to improve grid security and support the integration of more renewable energy.

Premier Mark McGowan, Minister for Public Sector Management, State Development, Jobs and Trade, Federal-State Relations said: “It’s important we support the rapid electricity transformation that’s happening right now and energy storage systems, like this big battery, have a crucial role to play in providing better energy and job outcomes for the Western Australia (WA) community.

“This project will ensure WA continues to recover from Covid-19, stronger than ever.”

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