Total to convert refinery to zero-crude platform with €500m investment

The project will process animal fats from Europe and used cooking oil to produce sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel

Energy giant Total has announced plans to convert its Grandpuits refinery in France into a zero-crude platform.

Following an investment totalling more than €500 million (£274m) the facility will consist of three new industrial units.

The biorefinery, which will produce sustainable fuel for the aviation industry, is to be commissioned in 2024 and will process primarily animal fats from Europe and used cooking oil, supplemented with other vegetable oils like rapeseed.

The project will be able to process 400,000 tonnes every year and is forecast to produce 170,000 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel, 120,000 tonnes of renewable diesel and 50,000 tonnes of renewable naphtha, used to produce bioplastics.

The second unit will be a bioplastics plant, which will manufacture PLA, a bioplastic that is biodegradable, recyclable and is produced with sugar instead of oil.

Total will also build a plastics recycling plant that will convert plastic waste into a liquid called TACOIL through a pyrolysis melting process.

This TACOIL will then be used as feedstock for the production of polymers that could be used for food packaging businesses.

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