Social Energy lands domestic smart grid weekly trading contract with National Grid

Battery-powered households are set to provide 4MW of firm frequency response capacity to ESO throughout the day

Social Energy has secured the ‘first-ever’ fully domestic contract with the National Grid ESO to supply week-ahead Firm Frequency Response (FFR).

The green energy supplier will use 80% of its customers with battery-powered applications to provide 4MW of FFR capacity to the ESO throughout the day.

By adding a battery and connecting it to Social Energy’s smart technology, customers are expected to maximise their solar energy usage, receive the best price for exporting their excess energy to the grid and benefit from low or negative priced energy.

Firm Frequency Response is one of the balancing services that the ESO uses to keep the electricity system in balance and ensure demand for power is matched by electricity generation levels. 

The ESO is using FFR as part of its plan to prepare the UK’s electricity system to run on zero-carbon electricity by 2025.

David Spencer, New Business Manager at National Grid ESO, said: “Managing the frequency of electricity, through matching supply and demand is a key part of our role making sure Great Britain has safe, secure and reliable electricity.

“It’s a great initiative helping us towards achieving our ambition of being able to operate the GB electricity system carbon-free by 2025, with the services being used to balance the grid moving away from traditional sources to cleaner, decentralised power.”

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