Gaia Says No! Episode 11 – Sting in the tail?

In the penultimate episode, we discuss how the planet could reap revenge on us if we continue to harm the biosphere

You’ve made our podcast series “Gaia Says No!” – exploring the nature of human activities on the planet – into a hit with thousands of downloads, thank you so much!

In the penultimate episode, environmental campaigner Angus Forbes and I are joined by Professor Michael Depledge. The former chief scientist of the Environment Agency, he has worked across many disciplines in science and is most recently advising the Eden Project.

In this episode, ‘sting in the tail’ we discuss just what the planet and its environmental systems could do to us. From Coronavirus to mass weather events, future pandemics to the collapse of pollination.

Can we really ignore what is coming down the line and are these incidences of ‘Gaia’s revenge’ inevitable?

Honest opinion and some strong language.

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