Geminor exports first 3,000 tonnes of Refuse-Derived Fuel to Netherlands from Italy

The resource management company has begun transporting the 15-year-old waste, which will be burned to generate energy

Geminor has exported 3,000 tonnes of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) to the Netherlands from Italy as part of a 30,000-tonne waste management contract.

The resource management company says the RDF shipment is part of a regional five million tonnes waste clean-up operation – 3,000 tonnes of Italian RDF was loaded in Naples and shipped to the Dutch port of Delfzijl.

It will be burned to generate power in the Netherlands.

Italy’s Campania region has struggled with disposing of large volumes of waste over the last 20 years – at present, approximately five million tonnes of residual waste has been treated, baled and stored in the region. This waste is now being shipped as RDF and used for energy recovery.

Senior Account & Development Manager at Geminor, Michele Benvenuti, said: “Taking part in solving these waste challenges is demanding, but at the same time very rewarding. Finding efficient use for the Italian waste – which has been stored for so long – is the best outcome at this point.

“Bringing this RDF to the European market is a sustainable option and makes good sense, says Michele Benvenuti.”

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