Biomethane from cow waste fed into the UK’s gas network

A farm in Cambridgeshire is now producing enough biogas to supply ten households every hour

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Biomethane from cow waste has been fed into the UK’s gas network, after being produced at Somerset Farm in Cambridgeshire.

Owned by biomethane company Biocow, the site conducts anaerobic digestion during which the waste is sealed in tanks without oxygen, where the material is broken down by microorganisms.

The plant can provide up to 15,000 cubic metres per hour of biogas flow, which is enough renewable gas to supply ten households every hour.

Ian Radley, Head of Gas System Operations at National Grid, said: “Alongside hydrogen, biomethane will play a critical role in the journey to Britain achieving net zero.

“We have collaborated closely with Biocow on this innovative project to ensure we met their needs and ultimately successfully connected their site to the national transmission system, supporting the transition to a low carbon economy and paving the way for similar projects in the future.”

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