Britain installs first-ever polyphase SMETS2 smart meter

It is a ‘landmark’ moment for the smart energy revolution and the UK’s wider low carbon transition

Britain’s first-ever polyphase SMETS2 smart meter has been installed at a property in Gloucestershire, marking a significant milestone for the transition towards a smarter and greener energy system.

The device, which will provide homes and businesses connected to a three-phase electricity supply with the option of a smart meter, was installed by Smart Metering Systems (SMS) for a Good Energy customer.

Three-phase power provides heavy loads of electricity and is predominantly used by industrial and commercial (I&C) or high-usage residential sites – many of these customers have now been able to take advantage of smart meters until now.

The new technology – designed by US-based smart infrastructure solutions provider Aclara – will enable them to connect to the nationwide network run by the Data Communications Company (Smart DCC), which is expected to enable seamless switching between energy suppliers.

Tim Mortlock, Chief Operating Officer of SMS plc said: “We’re really proud to have played such a central role in bringing the polyphase SMETS2 meter to the UK market and to have carried out the first ever installation for our client Good Energy at the property of their consumer.

“This long-awaited solution is a real landmark for the smart energy revolution and the UK’s wider low carbon transition, providing access to a previously untapped smart meter market, as well as giving larger non-domestic energy consumers a choice between smart and advanced meter technologies.”

Latest statistics from the government suggest there were 21.5 million smart and advanced meters operating in homes and small businesses as of 31st March 2020, our of which Smart DCC confirmed more than 4.6 million are SMETS2.

Robert Cheesewright, Director of Communications at Smart Energy GB, the government-backed campaign for a smarter Britain added: “The introduction of polyphase SMETS2 smart meters means that many more people will be able to benefit from an end to estimated bills and can take part in the much-needed upgrade to our energy system.

“Smart meters are the building blocks of a cleaner, greener energy system that will help the country to integrate renewable energy sources and make efficient use of electric vehicles and green heating technologies.”

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