Why your business should consider generating its own renewable electricity

With the UK committed to combating the climate crisis over the long term, now is the time for businesses to consider investing in renewable energy to help support the transition to a more sustainable future.

The UK’s energy system has seen an unprecedented period of reduced energy demand, with weekday consumption down by 13% on average. Thanks to this, and the ideal weather conditions – lots of sun and wind – the UK’s clocked up its longest ever coal-free period, just over two months long.

Businesses can support the growth of renewable energy, and reduce their environmental impact, through directly investing in renewable generation.

This typically means installing solar panels, though wind turbines, bio-mass boilers and other technologies are also options. Haven Power have installed solar panels on the roof of their Ipswich headquarters, as well as trialling battery storage. Where businesses have appropriate land or space, a wind turbine may also be an option.

For many larger businesses, investing in generation technologies constitutes more than a sustainability measure; it’s a commercial decision with a revenue impact.

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