Grant Shapps: ‘The time for a green transport revolution is now’

The Transport Secretary said it is this generation that will drive the transition to zero-carbon road transport, speaking at an online conference

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The time for a green transport revolution is now.

That’s the suggestion from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps who spoke at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) Annual Conference about the real potential of more sustainable methods of transport, the benefits of which have been made more visible by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rt Hon Grant Shapps said: “We can reframe the narrative around green vehicles and show that it is this generation that will drive the transition to zero-carbon road transport.

“By working closely together, we are rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in cutting edge technology and enabling a green transport recovery.”

The Minister’s statement was backed by the findings of a survey carried out by LowCVP, which suggests nearly 92% of the public agree that now is the moment for a ‘reset’ in terms of decarbonising road transport.

Around a quarter of respondents estimate it will take less than a year for public and shared transport to recover to former usage levels, while some 55% think the recovery will take up to five years.

Nearly 85% of the public also suggest the disruption caused by the pandemic has made the public more willing to accept more radical measures for greener road transport.

LowCVP’s Managing Director Andy Eastlake said: “Our target must no longer be to achieve ‘low carbon’ road transport but to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the whole transport system.”

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