Where does Opus Energy’s energy come from?

Opus Energy is one of the leading business energy suppliers in the UK, supplying more than 350,000 customers across the country with competitively priced gas and electricity. But where does their energy come from?

Generators up and down the country generate electricity, which is distributed across the energy network, powering homes and businesses. Once in the network, it’s hard to tell where it originated – much like a bag of coffee beans from one country may contain beans from many different farmers.

To help customers understand their energy, the industry regulator Ofgem has made it a mandatory condition that energy suppliers declare where their electricity comes from. This is called the Fuel Mix Disclosure and it is announced on 1st October each year.

Fuel Mix Disclosures allow energy customers to see which energy sources contribute to the electricity they pay for. This helps provide clarity for customers who want to know how much of a given energy source – such as coal, wind, or solar – their energy supplier procures. Opus Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity, and supports over 2,300 independent renewable power generators.

Find out where Opus Energy’s power comes from here.

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