Beyond COVID-19, we need a vision to reach net zero emissions

By Marc Bradbrook, Commercial and Energy Services Director, Haven Power

Amidst the widespread devastation brought about by COVID-19, we have seen a sharp drop in carbon emissions across some of the world’s largest economies. In April, global CO2 emissions fell by 17% compared to the daily average of 2019, more or less in line with 2006 levels. A stark reminder, were it needed, of just how precarious a position the planet is in.

While this has come at a great social and economic cost, this timely reminder has also given us a glimpse of what a more sustainable future could look like.

For many, the climate crisis existed only in the abstract sense. However, COVID-19 has made clear the reality of the climate crisis and just how significant a shift in our behaviours can bring about change. City soundtracks have been birdsong instead of traffic, and the air is cleaner for it, too.

But as businesses reopen and cars return to the roads, experts warn that emissions will rebound, undoing any progress made over the past few months.

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