Consortium to develop carbon capture tech to curb Singapore’s emissions

The group includes oil giant Chevron and concrete producer Pan-United – it aims to shrink the carbon intensity of heavy industries such as energy, chemicals and construction

A consortium including oil giant Chevron, concrete producer Pan-United, infrastructure consultancy Surbana Jurong and data centre operator Keppel Data Centres have joined forces to develop a carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration (CCUS) system to help Singapore curb its carbon footprint.

The group aims to develop this project by using innovative technologies which utilise cryogens – these are substances used to produce very low temperatures, membranes and hydrogen.

The plan is to develop commercially viable systems, which can be deployed locally in Singapore and in key industries such as energy, chemicals and construction to help reduce carbon

intensity across these sectors.

Low Teck Seng, Chief Executive Officer of the National Research Foundation (NRF), said: “Investing in low carbon research and development to drive cost-effective solutions is crucial for Singapore in our journey towards a low emission economy.”

Law Tat Win, Chevron Singapore Country Chairman, said: “These efforts take us a step further along in Singapore’s and the energy industry’s long-term, low-emissions development

Singapore has pledged to reduce its emissions by 36% from 2005 levels by 2030.

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