Google to show air pollution data for Californian streets

The data is from sensors deployed in Google Street View vehicles taken over four years

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Google will soon release data from a new pollution mapping project.

The tech giant has partnered for four years with the pollution mapping company Aclima, for an air quality project, which included more than 42 million measurements throughout California.

The data came from Aclima’s sensors deployed in Google Street View vehicles – the vehicles use also cameras to map locations in 3D.

The sensors measured air pollutant and greenhouse (GHG) gas levels in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and the California Central Valley during the course of four years.

The pollutants analysed include carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, methane and black carbon – which is carbon particles mixed with fossil fuel emissions.

With this project, Google and Aclima aim to help scientists and policymakers who work to combat air pollution and climate change.

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