Il vento! Italy gets wind power boost

The energy giant Eni plans to build the projects, which are estimated to avoid around 33,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year

Eni, through its Italian subsidiary Eni New Energy has announced the construction of three new wind farms.

The projects, which will be built in Puglia, South Italy, have a capacity of 35.2MW and are expected to produce approximately 81GW annually, avoiding around 33,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

The three plants will consist of sixteen wind turbines producing 2.2MW each and will be connected to the National Transmission Grid.

The construction work for the plants is scheduled for the third trimester of 2021.

Claudio Descalzi, Chief Executive Officer of Eni, said: “Our goal is to shape a company that will sell completely decarbonised products, so that emissions will not be a concern for our end customer.”

The plants mark the first wind project of Eni in Italy and this acquisition will help the firm progress in its decarbonisation goal, which aims to reduce 80% on greenhouse (GHG) gases emissions of its energy products by 2050.

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