Consortium plans Europe’s first commercial plant for hydrogen-based renewable aviation fuel

The ‘Power-to-Liquid’ facility in Norway could help cut carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000 tonnes annually

Norsk e-Fuel is planning to build Europe’s first commercial plant for hydrogen-based aviation fuel in Norway.

A new European industry consortium, made up of Sunfire GmbH, Climeworks AG, Paul Wurth SA and Valinor, it has announced its goal of industrialising Power-to-Liquid technology (PtL) at the site.

Using a single step co-electrolysis process, renewable electricity, water and carbon dioxide can be captured from the air and carbon dioxide emissions streams – these emissions can then be converted into hydrogen syngas, which can be processed and refined into jet fuel.

The first plant at Herøya Industry Park in Porsgrunn is forecast to boast an initial yearly production capacity of 10 million litres once it goes into operation in 2023, before being upscaled to produce 100 million litres of renewable fuel before 2026.

It is expected to save 250,000 tonnes of emissions every year and aims to serve as a blueprint for the development of further facilities.

Climeworks Co-Founder and Co-CEO Christoph Gebald said: “The potential for this project is staggering. Norsk e-fuel makes the supply of renewable fuel possible on a scale that is larger than has ever been achieved before – something that is crucial if we are to make global transportation truly sustainable.

“We are glad to contribute our direct air capture technology and know-how to help create renewable crude together with our partners.”

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