‘Alexa, when is my recycling being collected?’

A new bot will be able to answer questions about waste collection times and which bin should be used for what

Voice assistants and smart speakers will soon be able to provide specific recycling and waste information depending on the location of the user.

Thanks to a new programme piloted by Veolia, users of Amazon Alexas or ECHO dots will get answers to questions like ‘when is my recycling being collected’ and ‘when is my black bin going out’ from a bot.

Piloted across 13 Council areas in London, Midlands and the North of England, the ‘Nvirobot’ will respond based on the address the account is associated with.

Stuart Stock, Veolia’s Chief Information Officer, said: “By harnessing the real power of today’s digital technologies we will be able to create ever more efficient services, maximise recycling and lower carbon emissions.

“In this way, this latest programme highlights the progress that is being made, and how we are transforming the resource industry.”

Bromley, Camden, Croydon, Kingston, Southwark, Northampton, Sheffield are among the areas the bot will be serving in its first phase.

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