‘World to fall short of meeting energy targets under SDG 7 by 2030’

According to a recent IEA-led report, more than 620m people globally could be living without electricity in next decade

The world could fall short of meeting the 2030 energy targets set under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7.

This is according to a recent report by an International Energy Agency-led consortium, which warns more than 620 million people globally will lack access to electricity in 2030, with 85% of that portion living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SDG 7 aims to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy by 2030.

The study recommends accelerating the renewable energy generation and rapidly transitioning to clean energy to achieve SDG 7 targets within the deadline, driven by sturdy policy measures, long-term energy planning, increased funding and modern technologies to improve energy access.

While global financial support towards clean and renewable energy has doubled since 2010, the report notes that only 12% of $21.4 billion (£17.48bn) reached the least-developed countries in 2017.

The report warns that for the least-developed countries to achieve SDG 7 targets, international funding to developing countries will have to increase.

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