French drivers get €7,000 incentive to go electric

The support of the French EV market is part of an €8 billion rescue plan for the automotive industry in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

French President Emmanuel Macron is offering drivers a €7,000 (£6,226) incentive to make their next car an EV.

The boost for the electric vehicle sector is part of a wider package of €8 billion (£7bn) to help the nation’s automotive industry recover after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The aid is also expected to include incentives for people who want to replace their old vehicles and buy a lower-emission model.

Mr Macron also wrote on Twitter: “Because there can be no EVs without charging systems, we are also accelerating the deployment of electric terminals throughout the territory to reach by 2021 the objective of 100,000 terminals which was initially set for 2022.”

France has committed to banning all fossil fuel cars by 2040.

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