Gas Firm Cadent pumps £250,000 into Warrington Gas Network

The investment will allow a new refuelling station to supply bio-CNG to 800 HGV’s daily and provide gas to around 4,000 households

British gas firm Cadent has announced a £250,000 investment to bolster the Warrington Gas Network.

The financial boost will protect the gas supply of 4,000 UK homes plus a food production factory and allow a new heavy goods vehicle (HGVs) refuelling station to service up to 800 trucks daily.

In order to meet an increase in demand for bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by end of April, gas pressure has been enhanced throughout the local supply chain including installation of new underground pipes.

Kevin Flynn, Engineering Support Manager at Cadent, said: “We’ve enabled Europe’s largest Bio-CNG station to have the as it needs to operate at full capacity without impacting supply to heat local homes.

“This is also another milestone on the bigger journey to making gas greener. It’s getting us ready for the very realistic goal of soon introducing hydrogen – a gas that produced zero carbon – to heat homes, to fuel transport and to meet demand for gas used in many industrial processes.”

The updated infrastructure is now operational and forms part of the UK’s net zero targets.

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