Almost 85% of UK millennials ‘clueless’ about energy meter reading

Around 63% also cannot distinguish the difference between off-peak and on-peak energy consumption

Almost 85% of UK millennials can’t read an energy meter.

That’s one of the findings from a recent survey conducted by SaveOnEnergy, which asked more than 2,300 UK millennials about common energy terms, which appliances use the most energy and their opinions about renewable power.

The survey suggests 66% of the millennials don’t know what to do if their meter breaks or is faulty. Less than a quarter said they know how it could be fixed and 12% said ‘it depends on the issue’.

Furthermore, the survey says 63% of young Brits cannot distinguish the difference between off-peak and on-peak energy consumption.

Millennials were also asked how many everyday tasks they know how to do – 68% of respondents said they know how to read a lightbulb label, followed by 57% who know how to adjust a thermostat. A limited 15% confirmed they know how to read an energy meter.

When asked about future intentions, 63% said they intend to invest in renewable energy for their homes, with a 72% preference in solar panels.

On the other hand, 25% of them seemed not to share the same intention for clean energy and 12% felt ‘unsure’ about it.

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