Irish home energy consumption up by as much as 30% in lockdown

A new report from Pinergy and Savills highlights how Covid-19 has changed the patterns of energy consumption in the home

Working from home has increased Ireland’s domestic energy consumption by a third.

Electricity consumption between 9am and 5pm is up by almost 30% and overall energy use in family homes is up between 11% and 20%, during the coronavirus lockdown.

That’s according to a new study from energy company Pinergy and property group Savills, which highlighted how Covid-19 has changed the patterns of energy consumption in the home.

However, the survey also found early morning energy consumption has reduced by almost a third, as people are getting up later and the commute to work, school, college or elsewhere is reduced.

In the evenings, consumption after 6pm is down between 10% and 20%, as families are perhaps eating earlier with no commuting home required.

Sharyn McAndrew, Head of Energy and Sustainability at Savills Ireland, said: “The data reveals a drastic change in working patterns over the last past month. We are getting more sleep, we are less engaged in electronic devices in the evening and hopefully getting more exercise.

“Going forward, the challenge for employers will be to ensure some of this new-found balance in our day can be maintained once the current restrictions come to an end.”

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