‘Clapping for NHS led to 950MW spike in electricity demand’

The spike was caused when people went back inside their homes and turned kettles and appliances on

The clapping for the NHS and the key workers yesterday at 8pm generated a 950MW spike in electricity demand.

That’s according to National Grid ESO, which reported its control room saw a ‘huge’ rise in energy consumption, which is known as ‘pickup’ effect.

The company wrote on Twitter: “Wonderful to see Great Britain collectively clapping last night! Our control room saw a huge 950MW spike in electricity demand – what we call a ‘pickup’ effect – when you all went back inside to stick the kettle on and carry on with your evening.”

It also suggests last Thursday’s clapping had caused a similar pickup, but yesterday rose slightly faster ‘most likely owing to a cloudier evening -meaning more lights being turned on’.

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