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Defra asked to secure recycling collections amid lockdown

‘Vital supply of good quality packaging material’ is facing a shortage as retail outlets close their shutters

The Recycling Association has asked the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to secure collection drives of recyclable materials.

The call comes amid members being asked to increase production of cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, glass medicine bottles and other essential products to meet demand amid covid-19 crisis.

The association has asked the government to maintain recycling collection from households that act as alternate collection points to supermarkets.

Simon Ellin, Chief Executive of the Recycling Association, wrote: “We know it is very difficult for councils at the moment, and I have utmost respect for those who are out and about everyday emptying our bins while trying to stay safe. These key workers are essential for enabling us to keep supplies flowing.”

Local authorities are also requested to maintain standards to ensure that household collectables are of decent quality and grant business rate reliefs on storage.

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