Global wind industry sets offshore record

2019 saw a 35.5% increase in global wind energy capacity as compared to 2018 – according to GWEC’s latest annual report

A record 6.1GW of new offshore wind capacity was installed in 2019 across the world.

According to recent data by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), last year’s installations take the global capacity to 29GW and are predicted to accelerate further.

Europe and Asia-Pacific were the largest growth markets of 2019. China recorded the maximum number of new installations, followed by the UK and Germany.

GWEC expects an additional 50GW of offshore wind assets to be installed by 2024, bringing the global capacity to 80GW.

Ben Backwell, CEO, commented: “In 2019, we continued to see the strong growth trend of offshore wind, which now makes up 10 per cent of total wind energy installations.

“Offshore wind is a huge opportunity to meet our climate targets, as it can replace expensive imported fuels, provide clean energy solutions to countries that have limited for land availability, and supply increasingly competitive zero-carbon energy at a massive scale.”

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