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Work begins on 30-tonne Blue Star wave energy prototype

The half-scale device will undergo a number of sea trials prior to installation at Orkney in Autumn this year

Fife yard fabricators AJS Production Ltd have begun the construction of a 20 metre-long Blue Star wave energy converter.

Designed by Edinburgh-based start-up Mocean Energy, the 30-tonne machine will have to undergo a number of sea trials before generating its first power later this year.

Raymond Imrie, Managing Director at AJS Production Ltd said: “This is a great project to be involved in and is yet another milestone in Scotland being at the forefront in leading the UK to become carbon-neutral.

“The project is well underway and although we have been involved in similar contracts, we are still learning lessons when it comes to working on prototypes of this scale. We have had the backing of a good lead team, along with a professional design team, who have certainly made the project run smoothly.”

Once completed, the prototype will be subjected to the quayside ballasting test and wet testing at Burntisland. Once successful, it will be ferried to Orkney.

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