UK councils granted £2.2 million boost to tackle air pollution

Air Quality Grant will finance innovative projects that encourage cleaner transport and reduce harmful emissions outside schools

Local authorities across the country have been granted more than £2.2 million in new government funding to deliver innovative projects to improve air quality.

The Air Quality Grants provide money which will be shared by 16 local authorities – projects include work to reduce harmful emissions outside schools, encourage the take up of electric taxis and promote more active transport.

The government says it will also benefit projects to collect further data on the exposure to air pollution by vulnerable groups in order to better design future policies.

Rachel Maclean, Transport Minister, said: “It’s important that we improve air quality in communities across the country and these grants will help local authorities create cleaner, healthier places to live.

“From greener buses to improved cycling routes, we’re determined to harness innovation to make low carbon travel the norm.”

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