Abu Dhabi set to ban single-use plastic by 2021

A new policy by The Environment Agency aims to foster a culture of recycling to reduce plastic dependency

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Setting sights on a greener future, Abu Dhabi has committed to becoming free of single-use plastic bags by 2021.

A new policy by the nation’s Environment Agency lays out the plan to eliminate use of avoidable single-use plastic and non plastic materials by encouraging community recycling and re-use.

The efforts are part of the government’s ‘Ghadan 21’ programme focused on increasing sustainability alongside accelerating economic development.

The policy is expected to come fully into operation in the next two years and has been supported by private stakeholders such as Emirates Nature WWF and Department of Economic Development.

Abu Dhabi aims to develop regulations to phase out the dependency on single-use plastic bags such as levying fees on consumption, free distribution of sustainable alternatives and eventually banning usage.

Elaborating on the policy, Dr. Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, Secretary General of the Environment Agency, said: “By implementing this new policy, Abu Dhabi will be joining more than 127 countries around the world that have already taken measures to ban or limit the use of disposable plastic materials.

“Our policy is aligned with international standards in order to make Abu Dhabi a pioneer in reducing the use of avoidable single use plastic and non-plastic materials by 2021.”

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