Ireland steps closer to its 2030 target for renewable energy with new partnership

Highfield Energy has entered a joiny venture with Temporis Aurora Fund to finance onshore wind assets in Ireland

Ireland inches closer to its 2030 target to achieve 70% renewable electricity production with the creation of a new joint venture between Highfield Energy and Temporis Aurora Fund.

The partnership will finance 200MW of new onshore wind assets, in the form of €125 million (£108.8m) of equity, bringing them to full operation in the next five to eight years.

Speaking about the investment, Peter Kavanagh, Managing Director of Highfield Energy said: “We are delighted to announce this joint venture with the Temporis Aurora Fund to develop new wind energy projects.

“Our development experience combined with the financial expertise of Temporis means we are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities in the Irish market. We look forward to working together to deliver projects in support of our national 2030 targets.”

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