Andrex’s bio-degradable toilet tissues to tackle fatberg issue

Kimberly-Clark has developed biodegradable toilet tissues that will not only decompose but also pass safely through sewers

Andrex has recently received ‘Fine to Flush’ accreditation from Water UK after its new ‘Washlets’ were marked safe to be sent down the drains.

The news was announced following scientific testing by WRc – an independent technical expert team that developed ‘Fine to Flush’ flushability standards for Water UK.

Emphasising the need to protect the environment, Christine McGourty, Chief Executive of Water UK said: “This is a great step forward in the fight against fatbergs. In the water industry, we’re passionate about protecting the environment, and our ‘Fine to Flush’ standard is part of that, making it easier for consumers to buy something that’s environmentally friendly.

“We want other companies to follow the example of Andrex and make sure their products pass the ‘Fine to Flush’ test too. Everyone wants a future without fatbergs, and this will help make that a reality.”

According to a recent study on UK sewer system, it was revealed that wipes including baby wipes, cosmetic wipes and household cleaning wipes are typically found in 60% to 75% of sewer blockages.

A third of manufacturer Kimberly-Clark’s consumers expressed concern over flushability and the subsequent impact of moist toilet tissues on sewage systems – Ori Ben Shai, Vice President and Managing Director, said: “This certification and partnership with Water UK sends a clear message to consumers that they can confidently use Andrex Washlets for superior cleaning whilst also being responsible towards the environment.”

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