German wind power soars to record highs in February

Almost 21TWh of electricity has come from onshore and offshore generation in the country through the month

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Wind power in Germany generated a record of almost 21TWh of electricity in February, according to an analysis by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg (ZSW) and the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW).

It said onshore wind farms account for 17.9TWh, with offshore wind generating 3TWh.

The previous record was in March 2019 when 16.5TWh was generated – wind power was then boosted by the ‘extraordinary wind volume’ in February 2019 with the storms Sabine, Victoria and Yulia.

BDEW Chairman Kerstin Andreae said: “Wind turbines generated as much electricity in February as two nuclear power plants did throughout the year.

“This is very gratifying and together with the generation of electricity from photovoltaics, lays the foundation so that the use of conventional energy sources continues to decline.

“However, the record numbers are in sharp contrast to the dramatic situation with the further expansion of both wind and solar systems: If the obstacles and covers are not quickly removed here, we will miss the 65% target by 2030.”

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