Air New Zealand diverts nearly 900 tonnes of in-flight waste from landfill

The airline has recovered an amount of waste equivalent to the weight of five 777-300 aircraft

More than 890 tonnes of in-flight waste have been diverted thanks to an initiative of Air New Zealand.

The airline teamed up with its catering partner LSG Sky Chefs and the Ministry of Primary Industries to address concerns about the environmental impact of its waste.

The project enabled Air New Zealand to recover 85 tonnes of plastic water bottles, more than 11.5 million plastic glasses and more than 4 million sticks of sugar, equivalent to the weight of two 320 planes.

Chloe Surridge, Air New Zealand’s General Manager of Supply Chain, said: “A major challenge we face, however, in reducing waste to landfill, is the lack of recycling and composting infrastructure available for us to send our material to.

“More robust infrastructure across the country, including in the regions, would help us keep compostables and recyclables out of landfills.”

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