Miles Macadam sets carbon neutral goal for end of 2020

The surfacing firm said it will also endeavour to help its clients offset their own emissions

Surfacing company Miles Macadam has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by the end of 2020.

To achieve this, the firm says it will work to reduce the amount of carbon it emits while increasing the volume of the greenhouse gas it manages to absorb in its daily business practice.

It will also review its own surfacing processes in terms of their environmental impact – it already claims to make carbon savings of up to 25% compared to typical surfacing processes through lower production and laying temperatures, as well as an overall reduction in the use of fossil fuels during the manufacturing process.

As well as reducing its emissions, the firm will also offset a portion of its carbon usage and endeavours “to take on more carbon offsetting” on behalf of its clients.

Kit Ebben, Director at Miles Macadam, said: “West Berkshire’s recent declaration of a climate emergency and aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 is significant and no doubt many other local authorities will follow suit.

“As such, local authorities will be looking for their supply chain to respond and to work collaboratively to achieve their aim.

“As a responsible company and employer, Miles Macadam is proud to be taking this initiative forward as a Carbon Assessed Organisation. This will not only benefit us and our clients but hopefully will have a positive effect on tackling climate change.”

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