Royal Mail chooses EDF to deliver charging points for EVs

The energy supplier will install chargers on Royal Mail Group sites in the South East of England

Royal Mail Group has awarded EDF with a contract to provide charging infrastructure for its electric vehicles (EVs).

Under the three-year deal, the energy company will install charging points and provide associated maintenance and ancillary items such as signs, bollards and wheel stops.

The project will see chargers installed on Royal Mail Group sites in the South East of England, with potential for this to increase as required.

Paul Gatti, Fleet Director at Royal Mail Group, said: “As we continue to realise our EV ambitions, we are careful to choose the right partners along the journey. We chose to work with EDF Energy – not just as a supplier – but also as a solutions partner to implement our new sustainability strategy.

“Over the three years we are confident that, alongside EDF Energy, we can deliver the infrastructure needed to power Europe’s largest commercial fleet of EVs.”

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