Best Customer Service (SME Customers)

Deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on 20th April

You can’t be in business if you don’t offer customer service. That’s not just about being nice, it’s about dealing with problems, fixing and finding solutions and keeping your customer informed and happy. If you can show you do that to an exceptional level, then you should enter this highly sought-after accolade.

There are two parts to your entry.

  1. Please take 1500 words or less to answer the question, what does customer service mean to you and your customers. Criteria to be included and not limited to, customer service achievements in the last 12 months; innovations you have implemented; impacts of customer service for you as a company; initiatives to help customers; how do you benchmark your customer service internally and externally; use of technology; company culture and professional development. Please fill in the application form below by 20th April.
  2. Customer survey. Please supply the details (name, company, email address, phone number) of one customer who is prepared to answer a survey about you as a company. This will be online and then followed by a short phone call from Energy Live News. Any customers surveyed and called will be asked the same questions.

All entries must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Your final score will be out of 100. Your entry will account for 60% and the customer survey for 40%.
  2. There is a minimum score requirement.
  3. The top five scoring consultancies above the minimum score requirement will make up the shortlist for the secondary judging panel.
  4. Please take only 1500 words or less for your entry. Any answer that goes over the limit will be truncated.
  5. Please feel free to use pictures but sparingly.
  6. If you are entering more than one award this year, please ensure that the customer you ask to complete the customer survey is different for each award.
  7. As the first judging panel will assess your entry anonymously, please do not use your company name or brands in your entry.
  8. Judges’ decisions are final and binding; and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into relating to any of their decisions.
  9. ELN may contact industry players and bodies to ensure the validity of the TPI’s claims.
  10. Deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on 20th April. Please ensure that we have entry in by then and the name of your customer in by 13th April. The shortlist will be announced on 25th May and the winner announced at the awards ceremony on 25th June.
  11. Please make sure that you pay the entry fee of £650 ex VAT by 30th April or your entry will be voided. Entry fee guarantees judging by the first judges’ panel and two tickets to the awards ceremony.
  12. Any entries shortlisted will be guaranteed another ticket to the awards ceremony.


TELCA 20' Entry - Best Customer Service (SME Customers)

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