More than 300 retailers opt out of Black Friday sales to protect planet

The group suggests overconsumption and overproduction significantly contribute to climate change and pollution

More than 300 retailers are opting out of Black Friday sales this year, in order to help protect the environment.

They have joined the Make Friday Green Again collective, which was launched by Nicolas Rohr, Co-Founder of sustainable clothing firm Faguo.

Largely consisting of French brands, the group aims to discourage people from buying things they don’t need just because they are cheap, suggesting overconsumption and overproduction contribute to climate change and pollution.

it suggests consumers should instead consider what items they can repair, sell or recycle to help the economy become more circular.

Black Friday is often the busiest shopping day of the year and involves widespread discounts and promotions.

Mr Rohr said: “When people buy something, we pollute because of the carbon emissions that come from making that product, from using it and then getting rid of that product,”

“Today we don’t buy what we need; we buy because we are tempted. We are not in a good relationship with consumption any more.”

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